Rebirth of minimalistic PERFECTION

Hermes autumn/winter 2014-15, ready to wear

It's been a long time since 1992 and Sharon Stone's appealing appearance in that minimalistic 90's chic chrisp white dress. And not only the dress was styled to perfection but whole Basic Instinc clothing style. Twenty two years later, and we're witnessing the rebirth of that minimalistic simplicity. Many designers were drawn by this look, but Hermes was one of the few who nailed it.
Thanks to beautiful woolen coats, oversized suits reaching perfection and neutral soft colors, you get that feeling that models, who wore the collection, looked like they came straight from ocean beaches of Bretagne and south France. Wrapped up in luxurious pieces they're strong, yet they let themselves dream a bit, just like us, who will dream about this collection until next autumn fall where we expect from Hermes to thrill us with another masterpiece collection.

*photo editing by me

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