Rebirth of minimalistic PERFECTION

Hermes autumn/winter 2014-15, ready to wear

It's been a long time since 1992 and Sharon Stone's appealing appearance in that minimalistic 90's chic chrisp white dress. And not only the dress was styled to perfection but whole Basic Instinc clothing style. Twenty two years later, and we're witnessing the rebirth of that minimalistic simplicity. Many designers were drawn by this look, but Hermes was one of the few who nailed it.
Thanks to beautiful woolen coats, oversized suits reaching perfection and neutral soft colors, you get that feeling that models, who wore the collection, looked like they came straight from ocean beaches of Bretagne and south France. Wrapped up in luxurious pieces they're strong, yet they let themselves dream a bit, just like us, who will dream about this collection until next autumn fall where we expect from Hermes to thrill us with another masterpiece collection.

*photo editing by me


Cara Bond

Choose a simple chic style, and take it to any country in the world...it's going to look simple and chic. Now, take it to London, and it's going to rock! I think it's fair enough to say that little miss Cara gave us something to be truly amazed by, with her look this week. Maybe it was all about the effortlessly cool hair, wich somehow fitted this look perfectly, or maybe it was about that vibe that she has. And to be honest, after tons and tons of celebrities wearing this camel coat, i was becoming tired of it, until i saw Cara stepping out like the coolest Bond girl, and just owning it. If nothing else, it brought my love for camel coats back to life.  
Although no words were really needed, i had to write a few.
What was your favorite look this week? Hope you had a good one. xx


No blurred lines in September issue of UK Vogue

When it comes to music, this years hit that's smashing the charts all over the world, if definitely a song Blurred Lines, produced by remarkable Pharrell. When it comes to fashion, this years "golden girl" - as many would call her, is miss Cara Delevingne. Combine this 2 world wonders and you'll get a perfect match...or simply "BORN lucky duo" as British Vogue called them.
Set of beautifully taken photos by David Bailey, portrays these 2 powerful figures very well: running their business confident, in control yet very approachable and kinda quirky. These 2 clicked right away, and you can feel good energy, just by looking at these photos.

Kada je u pitanju muzika, ovogodišnji hit koji obara sve rekorde širom sveta, je definitivno pesma Blurred Lines, koju je komponovao fenomenalni Farel. Kada je u pitanju moda, ovogodišnja "zlatna devojka" - kako je mnogi nazivaju, je gospođica Kara Delevinj. Spojite ova 2 svetska čuda i dobićete savršen par...ili jednostavno "duo rođen pod srećnim zvezdama" kako ih je Britanski Vog nazvao.
Set predivnih fotografija koje je uslikao Dejvid Bejli, prikazuje ove 2 moćne figure veoma dobro: kao osobe koje sigurno vode svoj biznis, u kontroli a ipak veoma pristupačne i pomalo otkačene. Ovo 2 su se odmah pronašli, i dobra energija se jednostavno može osetiti, samo gledanjem ovih fotografija.  

But 15 years ago Pharrell was not even close to the word "fashion". As he says in this interview for September Issue of British Vogue, he didn't knew anything about fashion until Kelis(singer) took him out of the box and introduced him to Prada and Gucci.
On the other hand, miss of quirkiness Cara Delevingne herself, knows a lot about fashion. Not only she's one of the best models in the world, but she was born surrounded with fashion. It's the music thing that she wants to try. So far she's doing great : Will Heard & Cara Delevingne - 'Sonnentanz' (Sun Don't Shine) Acoustic Session

Ipak, pre 15 godina, Farel nije bio ni blizu reči "moda". Kako sam kaže u intervju-u za septembarsko izdanje Britanskog Voga, nije znao ništa o modi, dok ga Kelis(pevačica) nije izvela van "okvira" i otkrila mu Pradu i Guči.
Sa druge strane, mis otkačenosti Kara Delevinj, zna puno o modi. Ne samo što je jedan od najboljih modela na svetu, ona je rođena okružena modom. Muzika je ono što bi želela da proba. Za sada joj ide sjajno:  Will Heard & Cara Delevingne - 'Sonnentanz' (Sun Don't Shine) Acoustic Session