Cara Bond

Choose a simple chic style, and take it to any country in the world...it's going to look simple and chic. Now, take it to London, and it's going to rock! I think it's fair enough to say that little miss Cara gave us something to be truly amazed by, with her look this week. Maybe it was all about the effortlessly cool hair, wich somehow fitted this look perfectly, or maybe it was about that vibe that she has. And to be honest, after tons and tons of celebrities wearing this camel coat, i was becoming tired of it, until i saw Cara stepping out like the coolest Bond girl, and just owning it. If nothing else, it brought my love for camel coats back to life.  
Although no words were really needed, i had to write a few.
What was your favorite look this week? Hope you had a good one. xx

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